The Duluth FSC Test Achievement Display Board


Display Boards



It’s finally here! The Duluth FSC Test Achievement Display Board! It will be featured in the downstairs lobby of MARS Arena outside the Coaches’ Room. The new display board will signify the testing accomplishments of all Duluth FSC Skaters for years to come. All levels will be displayed and the skaters will be able to move their nameplates up the test ladder when they pass their upcoming tests!

All skaters are strongly encouraged to purchase the nameplates online at this week! Nameplates will feature the skater’s name as it appears from United States Figure Skating. Nameplate fee is $12 and will include two nameplates, one for both freestyle and Moves in the Field.

All orders for the first set of nameplates must be received by August 16th. We are encouraging all skaters to be a part of the new addition to the Duluth FSC.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to contact Alyssa at the information listed below.