DFSC Board Information

A board of directors with a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and eight directors govern the DFSC. An election is held in the spring of each year, with one third of the board elected each year. The board establishes basic policy and protocols of the club. These are updated as needed. Board meetings are held monthly (the third Wednesday of the month) and are open to the general membership. The scheduled meeting dates are on the DFSC calendar. Meeting notices will be posted at the rink. Currently the board consists of the following members:

Position Name Contact Term Expires
President Jeff Manion jmanion@dsccommunications.com March 2021
Vice President Bill Beyer webeyer17@yahoo.com March 2022
Secretary Patricia Moe triciamster@gmail.com March 2023
Treasurer –
Billing Agent
Cindy Sund clsund@aol.com March 2021
Board Member Krystal Bowman krystal.l.bowman@gmail.com March 2023
Board Member Traci Dover tdover@citlink.net March 2021
Board Member Nicholas (Cole) Sterling cole@thresholdcomputing.net March 2022
Board Member David Lood DjLood@aol.com March 2022
Board Member Leanne Warren tcwarren@yahoo.com March 2021
Board Member Lea Scudamore lea.scudamore@gmail.com March 2023
Board Member Jennifer Beck jennybeck@live.com March 2022
Board Member Don Kitson kitson.don@gmail.com March 2023

Any parent of a DFSC skater or any DFSC adult skater who is interested in serving on the board of directors should make such interest known to an existing board member or officer. DFSC Board members are volunteers who donate many hours of time. Therefore, those who are unable to serve should give their support to those who do.


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