2021 Northland Competition

January 28th – January 31st, 2021
Hosted by – The Duluth Figure Skating Club
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41st Annual Northland Figure Skating Competition and Excel Series Event.

How to Register for the 2021 Northland Competition

  1. Go to https://www.usfsaonline.org/ to log into your USFS account and return to this page for the link below.
  2. Click this direct link to the Northland Competition’s registration or copy and paste this link: https://www.usfsaonline.org/account/mobile?destination=CompetitionRegistration&competitionId=29745 or click the button below.

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About the Northland Figure Skating Competition

Read the full 2021 Northland Announcement

The Duluth Figure Skating Club (#800) is celebrating its 41st Annual Northland Figure Skating Competition January 28th – January 31st, 2021. Over the years, the competition has been very successful for the club and we are proud of the tradition that we’ve established! Held in conjunction with the Northland competition, the Northland Basic Skills Competition was initiated by the club 12 years ago and is very popular for beginning competitors. The four-day event is held at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center, a multidimensional entertainment and convention facility which houses two skating sheets of ice.

Northland is one of the largest non-qualifying competitions in the area, consistently bringing in approximately 500 competitors from across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Michigan, as well as Canada. Typically, we have between 45-50 USFS clubs represented at Northland. We offer a competition appealing to a variety of different level skaters. Of the 1,110 starts in Northland 2018, approximately half (58%) were Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile or Juvenile levels. Introductory level skaters comprised 15% of total starts, while our Basic Skills competition comprised 8%. Higher level skaters (Intermediate and up), comprised 19% of total starts. The Northland Figure Skating Competition offers the IJS Mini System for IJS Events.

The club is very fortunate that the competition is popular and has continued to grow, or remain steady, during times that many competitions are struggling to maintain numbers. This is, in part, due to the excellent facility and tremendous volunteer support staff of club members/families that allow us to provide a high-quality competition, one that keeps our competitors and coaches returning each year.

Northland Test Session

TEST SESSION: A USFS test session will precede the competition on Thursday, January 28, 2021. Registration is available online. Deadline is January 7, 2021.

Free Admission for Spectators at Northland Competition

Admission to the event is free and we encourage community members to attend and see, first hand, the amazing talents of our competitors. Please see updated Covid information before heading to the rink.