Event Shout-Out

📢 We love celebrating new achievements and opportunities of our skaters and coaches. Please help the Club support these incredible athletes by providing as many details as you can. As we’re sure you expected, the more time we have to post the better! We have the ability to schedule posts and often will schedule posts a few different times leading up to an event. When the event is over, we want to hear about results! So come back and send us an update ASAP.

Here are a list of the things we we want to know about the event or skating achievement to make sure everything is perfect when we post. Please be specific and do your best to provide links. The last general description of an event we received all we could find on Google was soccer. (USFS also = US Football Society🙄)

✨Skater’s Name

✨Achievement’s, competition’s or opportunity’s *Official* event name

✨Event’s date

✨Event’s website URL (If known)

✨Event’s Facebook URL (If known)

✨What city and/or complex are they headed to

✨Any other details

✨Picture(s) of your skater (Image max is 5MB) – Click this button below: 

**SHOOT! My image is too big, what do I do?

  1. Submit the form without the image👍
  2. Go to Facebook and message the DFSC Facebook page✅ or Lea Scudamore.
  3. You’re done. We’ll take care of it from there🤗
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