The DFSC currently has approximately 200 members, including individual skaters, coaches and board members and is open to new membership.

A skater may join the DFSC as a home club member or an associate member (provided he\she is a home club member of another USFSA-sanctioned club. The ice calendar and ice contract will be posted on this website by the 17th of each month. A DFSC club member must comply with the club by-laws, rules and regulations. Membership carries with it the following responsibilities: monitoring ice sessions, assisting in the operation of the concession stand at group lessons, working at the annual Northland Competition, assisting with the annual clothing exchange, and other activities. A parent or adult must assume these responsibilities.

To join the Duluth Figure Skating Club please complete the online membership form. Instructions for completion are included on the form. Various membership types are available. To be eligible for monthly Ice Contracts the form must received by the 23rd of the month.

Join the Duluth Figure Skating Club
Membership Handbook

For additional club registration information, contact Laura Lott, Membership Chairperson.


Individual United States Figure Skating Association memberships may be purchased directly from the USFSA for $120.00. This membership allows you to walk-on to DFSC ice (space available), but does not give any DFSC privileges. If you are an individual member of the USFSA you may join the DFSC as an associate member.

Lettering Program

Exciting news for the high school age kids in the DFSC skating club. We have gotten approval for a high school lettering program for students attending Duluth East and Duluth Central. Lettering information has also been sent to Proctor, Hermantown, Cloquet, Esko and Marshall in hopes that all of the area schools will support a lettering program for our hard working skaters.

For your convenience all of the requirements, that are listed on the forms, are also listed below.

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  1. The figure skater must be a current student of a Duluth Area School enrolled in grades 9 -12. They must also be a home club member-in-good standing of the Duluth Figure Skating Club (DFSC), a member of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFS). The figure skater is responsible for all requirements of these criteria and for submitting all required documentation. They are also responsible for all lettering fees.
  2. The figure skater must follow the Minnesota State High School League rules of eligibility and conduct.
  3. The figure skater must train under the supervision of an approved DFSC professional coach.
  4. The figure skater needs to submit the necessary documentation to a DFSC board member for verification which must include total hours skated, ordinal sheets from competitions, forms from tests attempted or completed, etc. A requirement form is linked above. This form must be submitted before the end of April of the current membership year.
  5. Figure skating must be performed at a High School Varsity level or higher as follows:
    • The figure skater must skate a minimum of 150 hours during the skating season. For the purpose of this program, the skating season will run APRIL 16 – APRIL 15th. The requirement is actual time dedicated to figure skating, so just contracting the ice is not sufficient. Only sessions skating will be counted towards the 150 hours. To be included in the required skating hours, the skater must skate on DFSC ice, other USFS affiliated clubs ice.
        • Hours will be counted as follows:
      • 1 hour = 1 hour on or off ice (off ice classes, seminars)
      • Ice show dress rehearsals will count towards ice time and will equal the number of hours you are required to be at the rink (i.e. first half of the show 1.5 hours = 1.5 hours);
      • Competitions will count as 1 hour per event you compete in;
      • Practice ice purchased for the Competition will also count towards total required time; minutes purchased = minutes skated etc..
      • The figure skater must have passed the USFS Intermediate Freeskate.
      • The figure skater must attempt (not necessarily pass) at least one USFS official test per skating season, with the exception of a skater who has passed their Senior Moves in the Field and/or Freeskating test.
      • The figure skater must participate in at least 3 “public” events per skating season. These events could be:
      • Competitions – each entered event qualifies, i.e., short program and long program at one competition qualifies for 2 events.
      • Annual DFSC Ice show, Christmas shows, hockey games or other USFS sanctioned events.

Misc Forms